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Power Backup Solutions
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Lab Power Solutions (LPS) specializes in configuring power backup solutions for lab instruments including mass spectrometers, scanning electron microscopes and elemental analyzers. As an authorized Xtreme Power distributor, Lab Power Solutions provides expertise, recommendations and state of the art Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions priced well below our competitors. All UPS systems are backed by Xtreme Power’s support team and 3 year warranty.

Xtreme Power is a global manufacturer of power quality equipment including single phase and three phase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). Xtreme Power systems are supporting all brands of mass spec in major labs across the country.

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Even a one second power outage can result in hours of lost productivity on your instruments.

Lab managers should only use online or isolated online UPS systems to protect their labs.

Protecting Your Work

Why Does Your Lab Need a UPS?

Lab Directors across America have learned the hard way how “Dirty” utility power can put their lab out of production. Even a 1 second power outage can result in hours of lost productivity on your instruments. These are the benefits of protecting you lab instruments with an online UPS.

Increased Accuracy
Reduced Service Calls
Protected Investments
Eliminated Down-Time
Extended Instrument Life

Our Customers’ Reviews

What LPS customers appreciate most is our experience in working with labs and understanding their requirements. Lab Directors just submit a list of instruments they want protected and LPS will do the rest. We have worked with all the instrument manufacturers and have volumes of site preparation manuals that provide the instrument electrical requirements and plug type. Nothing is worse than scheduling a mass spec installation with the manufacturers rep only to find out the UPS has the wrong receptacles. LPS assures that your UPS will arrive the first time with the correct plugs and receptacles.   This is where experience and specific product knowledge separates LPS from standard UPS distributors. 

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

I just can’t afford losing power and lights.

“I really appreciated Scott’s help in setting a power backup system for our surgery room. When I am in surgery, I just can’t afford losing power and lights.

Dr. O'hearn
Dr. O’Hearn –  San Martin Animal Hospital

San Martin, CA

UPS Systems from 350VA to 140kVA

Single phase systems up to 60kVA and three phase systems from 10kVA to 140kVA.

Competitive Prices

Xtreme Power UPS systems allow for considerable savings over similar products from Powervar, Toshiba and Battery Backup Power.

Three Year Warranty

Xtreme Power UPS electronics and batteries are covered by a 3 year warranty with an upgrade option for 5 years.  Lithium ion UPS systems have 6 year factory warranty.