We provide industry leading Power Quality products, pricing and consultation.

We are a one stop solution that provides power consultation, expertise and word-class Xtreme Power backup products.

Ultimate Power Protection for Your Lab Instruments

Lab Power Solutions and Xtreme Power have teamed up to provide laboratories with a one stop solution that provides power consultation/expertise and word-class products backed by an industry leading 3 year warranty. Xtreme Power offers both single phase and three phase UPS products up to 140kVA. Lab Power Solutions will provide the expertise and Xtreme Power products that labs need to implement a cost-effective backup solution.

Xtreme’s TX91 isolated online UPS system was specifically designed for the laboratory instrument market and has state of the art features like external bypass switch, unity output power factor (kVA=kW) and extended battery run time. While the TX91 UPS will support a single LCMS system, a three phase system can be set up to protect all the instruments in the lab. The M90 three phase modular UPS is a great choice for labs that have expansion plans. Additional UPS capacity can be added as a lab continues to add instruments.

Every lab has unique power backup requirements, and Lab Power Solutions job is to make sure lab directors know what their options are and understand the cost and trade offs of the various backup configurations.

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