TX91 Power Distribution Unit (PDU) Options


Lab Power Solutions developed specialized PDU for the laboratory market. The A model includes (3) 6-15R 230V receptacles and (8) 5-15/20R 120V receptacles. The PDU also includes a C19 inlet that can be customized for any high voltage receptacle. This PDU will work for almost all of the Sciex, Agilent and Shimadzu line of mass spectrometers. 


This PDU is for installations that require more than 6-15R high voltage receptacles. This model includes:

  • 1 of IEC60309 16A
  • 1 of IEC60309 32A
  • 1 of L6-15R
  • 1 of L6-30R
  • 1 of L5-30R
  • 4 of L6-20R
  • 1 of C19
  • 8 of 5-15/20R

This PDU is designed for instruments that use twist lock receptacles or IEC60309 receptacles. This would include almost all the ICP MS systems or any other instruments that require 30 amps. Specific models that would use this PDU include Agilent 7800/7900, Thermo Q Exactive, PerkinElmer QSight and PerkinElmer NexION.

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